Fees, Charges and Refunds

Access to coursework on The Thrival Company, LLC. is subject to licensing fees and charges. You agree to pay all fees in effect when incurred, plus taxes or other charges Thrival Company may incur to collect. Except as specified in this Agreement, fees and charges are non-refundable. Thrival Company will bill you for your subscription to courses or for-fee services on The Thrival Company, LLC. at the time of purchase.

Refunds for courses are available if the training system shows the course has not been taken. Once the course has been started, refunds are not available unless the error in registering for the courses is due to the seller of the course.

Thrival Company reserves the right to terminate this Agreement without notice if you violate its terms, or if a charge to your credit card or other method of payment is declined, or if your right to access coursework expires.

Please contact our Customer Support Manager, deanna@thrivalcompany.com for assistance.